Tattoo skins


Experience uniqueness in every trait.

Our synthetic leather, the result of 12 years of research and collaboration with professional tattoo artists, offers natural discolorations and an inimitable consistency.

With FOOLISH, every tattoo is a masterpiece.

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More than a simple purchase: A Unique Artistic Experience in Every Exclusive Detail

Each piece is a unique work of art, made when you order and personalized in collaboration with you. Discover tattoo art like you've never seen it.

Tattoo Practice Skins

Discover the most advanced tattoo products, created to take your talent to new levels.

  • Advanced Leather Sheets: “With unique grains, microtextures and discolorations, our leather sheets are the future of tattooing.”
  • Gloves for Self-Tattoo: “Practice in complete safety with our innovative gloves, designed to avoid injuries and risks.”
  • Foolish Fruit Shapes: “Perfect your art with our fruit shapes, a fun and effective way to improve your skills.

Body Pieces

Showcase your best tattoo around the studio or evolve your practice from flat sheets to 3D templates that emulate not only human skin but also the volumes and complexity of the human body.

-KIT- Bones & Skin

Discover the most realistic synthetic skin ever

The skin fits on your frame like a glove creating a perfect mix between softness and suppleness of the skin in contrast to the rigidity of your frame.

  • You will stretch the skin as you tattoo it
  • The needle will glide over the skin like real skin
  • your tactile experience will be 100% equal to human skin.

The best-selling products

Insights into Tattoo

We are creating pages dedicated to insights into our products and their use. Come back to visit us regularly and you will find interesting insights.


From beginner to pro: like the synthetic leather of The Foolish Butcher it can help you achieve your goal.

The blog explores how the practice of tattooing on synthetic skin of The Foolish Butcher it can help budding artists become professional tattoo artists, gaining experience and familiarity with different parts of the human body safely and accurately.



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