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Promotions & communications

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As you know, FOOLISH follows an artisanal production to have maximum control of the product and this implies a long and articulated production chain.

This production method, which has always been strongly supported, does not allow us to keep our promotions active for a long time or within the reach of all customers, which is why we try to make targeted offers in a very short time so as to compensate your needs with our lines of production.

To do this we have opened telegram channels that allow us to present you and all our most loyal customers with unique, important and targeted promotions for the time necessary for them to be usable by the most interested.

I invite you to subscribe to our channels and keep an eye on notifications.

We have divided the channels by community so that they are direct and useful for what you are looking for.


here you have the channel dedicated to tattoo and only to promotions related to tattoo products. enter and discover our best offers.


here you have the channel dedicated to pmu and only to promotions related to permanent make-up products. enter and discover our best offers.


  1. Further discount of ... on the total of your cart: It means that the discount we offer you in this table can be combined with other discount codes, this means that if you have other discount codes of ours you can add them to this one
  2. the offer is available only for online purchases through the site's automatic check-out, there are no gifts for orders placed by email.

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