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Discover WoWlips 3D Starter Kit, the 3D synthetic lips for pmu practice.

WoWlips 3D synthetic lips are extraordinarily realistic, with natural-looking mucous membranes and a unique softness. They offer you exceptional workability, adapting perfectly to all pmu techniques.

Forget the obstacles and inconveniences of the old models with printed shapes. With Wolips 3D lips, you will finally be able to concentrate on one lip at a time, without limitations or encumbrances.

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Discover WoWlips 3D Starter Kit, the essential kit to contour and fill your lips in an amazing way.

The 3d synthetic lips for pmu practice are a masterpiece of hyper-realism, carefully designed and sculpted by hand. Made from non-toxic silicone, they are the perfect accessory for your lip micropigmentation class. Forget the obstacles and inconveniences of the old models with printed shapes: with WoWlips 3D you can work on each lip individually, obtaining incredible results.

The soft texture of WoWlips 3D lips offers extraordinary workability with the dermograph, allowing you to create precise details and flawless shades. Feel the security of practicing with a high quality product, specially designed for professionals in the sector.

Thanks to real size (8×5 cm) and innovative skin formula, WoWlips 3D offer you an unrivaled experience in working on individual lips. It will be like working on real lips, with all the complexity and detail they require.

The unique feature of a translucent complexion it will allow you to create amazing color overlay effects. Take advantage of this opportunity to create breathtaking volumes, chiaroscuro effects, suggestive shadows and points of light unattainable with other products.

The extraordinary softness and delicacy WoWlips 3D lips guarantee an absolutely hyper-realistic result. By working with our lips, you will achieve a stunning effect and uncompromising precision, giving your creations an incredibly realistic look.

Experience the perfection of the art of permanent lip makeup with our 3d synthetic lips for pmu practice and immerse yourself in a world of limitless creative possibilities.

Coloring and textures:

3d synthetic lips for pmu practice the foolish butcher

Our 3D Synthetic Lips for pmu practice are revolutionary.

Each lip has a unique color and texture, just like those of your future clients.

With a double molding procedure, let's unite two different materials for coloring and texture, reproducing in an incredible way the diversity of the labial mucous membranes.

Using our 3D synthetic lips for pmu practice, you can quickly and safely deepen:
  • Definition of the lip contour: Thanks to the use of these synthetic lips, you will be able to perfect the technique of defining the lip contour, correcting any imperfections and asymmetries. You will obtain precise and harmonious results, they will help you to give balance and beauty to the smile of your future customers.
  • Volumizing and natural effect: Our synthetic lips allow you to learn the art of creating a volumizing and natural effect. You'll be able to explore various techniques and shades to achieve results that leave lips feeling full and fresh, without compromising the natural look.
  • Infinite chromatic games: Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the natural translucency of our synthetic lips to create countless chromatic effects. Explore the combination of colors, shades and tones to create unique and customized results. Unleash your creativity and create lips with breathtaking shades, surprising yourself with the results you can achieve.
  • Learning Correct Posture: By working with our synthetic lips, you will have the opportunity to learn and perfect correct posture while working. Constant practice with these lips will help you develop an ergonomic and professional posture, ensuring optimal results and minimizing the risk of fatigue when tattooing the lips.

Starter kit 3D synthetic lips for pmu practice.

The 3D synthetic lips kit contains 8 WoLips + Its flocked support ” BONES”

If you want to buy more lips I advise you to look at our offer for 20 pcs WoLips


Weight :0,8 kg
Dimensions:20x15x5 cm
The Kit Includes

8 WoLips 3D (cm 8×5) 1 Resin support for WoLips (cm12x12 100g)

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