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Wood and leather for a canvas with infinite facets, ready to furnish an entire studio.

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We present the new Wood-Skin: the perfect support for yours Tattoo Practice!

Enjoy your tattoo practice with Foolish's revolutionary Wood-Skin. This ultra-realistic synthetic canvas is now anchored to a wooden base, creating a sharp-edged picture ready to display. Take advantage of its versatility for all your needs:

  • Practice
  • Exposure
  • #FakeSkinArt.

What makes the Wood-Skin unique is its special assembly: it is born directly on the wood base, without the use of toxic adhesives, ensuring a safe and comfortable tattoo experience.

Tattoo, expose.

A fusion of wood and leather, the Wood-Skin lasts over time without shrinking and embellishes your environment; hang it on the wall, use it as a canvas.

Thanks to composition special of our skin you will be able to work extremely precise with realistic result.

The wood+skin unites skin and wood without interference, with a sharp edge which creates the effect of a single flap of skin. The square shape allows it to be composed over time, like a puzzle.

With a remarkable thickness of 1 cm

the Wood-Skin is made up of three distinct layers

Realistic Layers

a solid white dermis-like base, followed by two layers of skin with subtle translucency and tonal variations, ensuring incredibly realistic and vibrant tattoo results.

Opaque or Translucent?

We created Wood+Skin to guarantee you an impeccable and satisfying result for yours tattoo exposed.

The leather is available in two variants: Black & Gray and Realistic, differentiated by opacity. white skin, compact and without transparency don't let the light through, holding the ink amazingly black and shiny. The absence of translucency allows sharp and ultra-precise results but it does not allow veiling or delicate nuances.

For realistic results, delicate nuances and subtle glazes, we recommend ours Realistic skin. Its special multilayer composition will allow you to deposit and work the inks just like on real skin.

Wood + Skin: Custom Skin for Every Tattoo Style

Leather with Ad Hoc Complexion and Texture for Every Type of Tattoo, 1 cm Thickness for Unrivaled Realism, and Wood that Transforms into a Painting of Art: Innovation Just a Needle Away.

Main features:

  • Dimensions:: 15×15 cm with a depth of 2 cm
  • Materials: Ultra-realistic synthetic skin and plywood base
  • Versatility: Suitable for all tattoo styles
  • Ease of Installation: Supplied with two screws for easy anchoring to the wall or panel
  • Unique Design: Perfect square shape and uniform thickness to create endless tattoo skin puzzles

Skin Types:

  • White skin: Ideal for Lettering and Black & Gray
  • Clear skin: Perfect for Vibrant Colors and Realism
  • Ultra-Realistic Skin: Specialized for Realism Tattoo
  • Practice Skin: Suitable for all types of Tattoo

Product Details:

La Wood + Skins it is a revolutionary product that combines beauty and functionality in one single piece of art. Made with a plywood base that naturally enhances the wood grain, this board is not only a support for your art, but becomes a painting itself once the tattoo is finished.

Ease of Installation

Each Wood + Skin comes with two screws inserted, making installation a breeze. You can easily anchor it to the wall or panel, turning your art into a statement piece.

Create Your Own Art Puzzle

Thanks to the standard size of 15×15cm and the perfect square shape, you can combine multiple Wood + Skins to create an endless and wonderful art puzzle.

Limited availability

Our Wood + Skins are only available in the size 15×15 cm, to maintain uniformity and allow the creation of artistic compositions without limits.

Buy Now and Experience Innovation Just a Needle Away!


WHITE SKIN for Black & Gray/ Lettering it has a compact and opaque composition, it has no translucency, it does not allow light to penetrate deeply, a valid ally for your black inks and your lettering, work the black at the same typing height and it will be incredibly black and shiny.

SKINS WITH REALISTIC COMPLEXIONS & VIBRANT COLORS: It takes advantage of the unique translucency of our leather composition to create incredible shades and allow the most vibrant colors to remain vibrant without yellowing or tarnishing like other synthetic leathers.


We use plywood to appreciate its natural grain.

In the product images you will find bases colored by us, with the intention of giving the appearance of the wood the effect of a cutting board consumed over time, as if a butcher had worked on it, creating stains and traces of blood. We use non-toxic mineral powders, which we then coat with epoxy resin.

Then, if you choose to have us color the base for you, the result will be similar to the one shown in the video: wooden bases stained black, brown and yellow, with red streaks to simulate blood, all fixed with epoxy resin.

If you opt for an uncolored base, you will be provided with a finished canvas with a treated and sanded wooden base, ready to be painted or airbrushed.

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Black & Gray Tattoo -White Skin-, Black & Gray Tattoo- Hot White Skin-, Vibrant Ink Color Tattoo -Light Skin Tone-, Realism Tattoo – Medium Skin Tone -, All Tattoo Technique – European Skin Tone –

Base in Wood

You do it according to your taste, Grezza, I'll color it

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