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Synthetic Leather Canvas for Tattoo

48,80  - 341,60 

Your leather canvas you've always wanted. 
  • The skin is more realistic than ever
  • The thickness exceeds the centimeter of depth
  • The leather is incorporated in its rigid structure, not glued with toxic products.

Together, we will create works of art that will revolutionize the world of tattoo!

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Beyond the Tattoo practice: Discover the Unlimited Potential of our synthetic leather canvas for tattoo to Express Your Big Ideas! Perfect for your studio, convention or wherever you want show your creativity!
✔ Choose the size
✔ Choose the coloring
✔ Choose canvas direction: Vertical / Horizontal


Innovation and quality come together to enhance your creative experience!

The large canvases of synthetic leather for tattoo di FOOLISH offer endless creative possibilities. You can finally create a framework, made of leather and ink. Creating a unique work of art.

We are capable, as the event demonstrated The Tattoo Wall by Bephantenol to create synthetic leather canvases for tattoo of any size, so don't hesitate, create your own leather canvas today!


On the facade of our super synthetic leather canvas for tattoo, you will find one compact texture which represents the perfection of realism: veins in transparency, realistic discolouration of the skin, finely reproduced micro-grooves and very small pores, creating a porous surface that absorbs the stencil amazingly. Reduces smudging and drying time, outperforming any other silicone synthetic skin sheet and creating an incredibly realistic chromatic effect and asymmetries.


If you have an exhibition project in mind, we are ready to create the picture tailored to your ideas. During the production phase, the leather will be incorporated, not simply glued, onto a solid wooden base, guaranteeing a durable and high quality result without the use of toxic materials. Furthermore, we will study the best anchoring systems to ensure that your new canvas is perfectly stable and ready to be tattooed and displayed.

Create a masterpiece that represents you!

Tired of seeing Photoshopped tattoo prints at every convention?

Change the game with FOOLISH! Our synthetic leather canvas for tattoo it is a true painting of skin and ink. Expose your talent in a unique and surprising way. Together, we will create works of art that will revolutionize the world of tattoo!

synthetic leather canvas for tattoo


Weight :1 kg
Dimensions:60x60x0,6 cm

The Foolish Butcher




cm H 25 x L 25cm, H 60 x L100, cm H 60 x L140

Direction for anchors

Vertical horizontal

Skin colour

Realistic, Bianca

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