this is leather.

enlarged pores,

Hyper-realistic texture

A tactile experience never experienced on synthetic leather.

T-3D Woman Back 2.0

97,59  - 109,74 

T-3D Woman Back is the quintessential expression of Foolish realistic skin. It is perfect in every detail from the dilated pores to the irregularities of the volumes…

It's a real piece of synthetic body.

the result is unique

The ink in the skin texture

A real tattoo. A true result.

T-3D Woman Back it's the only one tattoo practice skins in hand-sculpted 3D that reproduces the volumes, shapes and textures of a real woman's back.

We have recreated all the details of the skin to enhance the dilated pores and the volume of the shoulder blades.

T-3D Woman Back raises the bar of tattoo practice allowing an even more realistic comparison with the human body, evolving the flat support of the sheet. Thanks to its translucent complexion and the special chemical formula of the silicone, the skin is extremely elastic and has a resistance to needle tearing identical to human skin, which also allows a perfect overlap of colors together with an extraordinary tactile experience.

Together with the skin we created a rigid and imposing resin substructure that could emulate the weight of the body and its skeleton so as to allow a real 360-degree comparison.

The "Bone" structure also allows exposure at the end of the tattoo because it is designed to be hung on the wall of the studio or at conventions. Finally, its grooves can act as an insert for future LEDs.

T-3D Woman Back is designed to be a versatile product, as useful for the apprentice as for the professional, that's why you can choose the skin white or classic complexion. White has a more solid consistency and allows for faster and more defined processing and if you want to use it for display it will enhance your blacks like a real canvas.

T-3D Woman Back will allow you to get:
  • Projects by Tattoo article;
  • smooth lines and fills;
  • homogeneous and brilliant color distribution;
  • neat and precise stencil application;
  • the special translucent complexion will allow you to superimpose multiple colors to create volumes, light-dark effects, shadows and light points.
  • Possibility to always have the right position while you work (the shape is designed to stand on a flat base so as to always offer you comfortable support);
  • A real match with the pores of the skin;

"The pores of this skin are incredibly realistic and the stencil fits perfectly" Valentina D  

Weight :3,2 kg
Dimensions:40x40x15 cm

Leather, White, White/leather


The Foolish Butcher



now you have skin

Feel the pores under the needle

Watch the ink enter the leather, enjoy the softness of the skin in contrast to its rigid structure and create unique color effects on our infinite leather tones.

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