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Skins Pack 4×4

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T-Sheet Skin Pack: 4 A4 sheets (cm 20×30) + 4 A5 sheets (cm 15×20)

  • Up to 6mm thick
  • One side is pure white with a texture reminiscent of painters' cotton canvas. The white side depicts a hard skin with little needle bounce allowing you to execute quickly, accurately and quickly.
  • The reverse side is skin-colored, the texture is realistic comparing with human texture, its texture is soft and supple, it gives medium/high resistance to the needle when it tries to enter the skin to get used to keeping the skin tight and correcting the angle of the machine.

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T-Sheet Skin -DBL- are the new Foolish sheets.

✔ Thicker than previous leather sheets
✔ Bicolor: White on one side, skin color on the other.


La Tattoo Practice on our new leather sheets has a whole other result! 

On the side skin color of the sheet you will find a compact texture, a perfect mix between the finely reproduced micro-grooves of human skin and very small pores that will help create a porous surface capable of absorbing the stencil, reducing smudging and drying times compared to any other sheet of synthetic silicone skin (if you've ever used a sheet of silicone skin you know that if you leave the stencil for less than 24H it won't hold anything), on our T-Sheet Skins you won't have to leave it on for more than 45 minutes otherwise you'll struggle to remove it once the tattoo is finished.

Its consistency is soft and elastic, when the needle enters the skin it will exert a resistance that will help you understand the most appropriate setting of the needle stroke and stroke based on the moment, continuously training your perception.

The inks will be deposited in the leather maintaining brilliance and liveliness.

The translucency of our T-Sheet Skins will allow you to obtain:

✔ Smooth lines and fills.

✔ Homogeneous and intense shades.
✔ True result of tattoo finished in comparison with human skin.


The White side is a real leather canvas! 

Thanks to the neutrality of white you can mix your inks from tattoo bookmarks and get even better results! Even blacks will enjoy absolute liveliness and depth!

The surface texture resembles a cotton canvas and allows you a lighter and more immediate adhesion of the stencil so that you can tattoo the stencil as soon as it has been transferred (20 minutes of waiting will be sufficient) and then remove it without leaving any traces.

✔ 6mm thick, the equivalent of two sheets of leather in 1.


✔ Two facades distinguished by colour, consistency and surface details (texture).
✔ Elasticity such as to be able to exploit spherical surfaces as support and/or support.


Its coloring makes 10x on the colors, blacks, shades and fills, making the finished tattoo more beautiful and defined so as to be able to create a pleasant training path to preserve and / or show in a future book.

Our T-Sheet Skins -DBL- are designed to give you the correct resistance to the needle as it enters the skin compared to human dermis. They offer you almost greater difficulties than the skin itself so as to show you, in fact, the mistakes you could make on your future client and to prepare you for the timely management of a solution to the problem.

    • The lines that you will see too much and/or too little marked would also appear on the skin.
    • The lacerated stitches would be equivalent to scabs or chelonis on human skin.
    • The faded colors would be like this on the body after about 2 months of healing.
Weight :1 kg
Dimensions:35x25x5 cm
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