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The PACK contains 20 single Wolips 3D Discounted by 50%

Wolips… Because I'm really WOW If you want to start practicing specific lip contouring and filling!

WoLips 3D they are hyper-realistic lips with a unique design, sculpted by hand and made of non-toxic silicone. You will finally be able to work one lip at a time without the bulk and inconvenience of old sheets with printed shapes.

The mucous membranes of the lips are softer than their contour in order to offer excellent workability with the dermograph.

The special support made of resin, light and ergonomic, will allow you to move and rotate your lips exactly like a human face, always having the possibility of maintaining correct posture.

Their shape (cm 8×5) and the innovative leather formula will allow you to:

  • Working on a single lip to have the same experience and complexity as real lips;
  • the special translucent complexion will allow you to superimpose multiple colors to create volumes, light-dark effects, shadows and light points.
  • The special softness and delicacy of the lips guarantee a hyper-realistic effect.

Details WoLips

WoLips are made with a special synthetic skin in non-toxic silicone, sculpted by hand and printed with meticulous care to create two distinct injections of different materials in terms of texture, complexion and softness, they will make your practice experience incredibly real.

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