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fruit 4 Tattoo -Starter Kits-

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In fact, you were right… Tattooing fruit is a lot of fun!

That's why we propose it again in a Foolish key!

Fruit in Skin & Bones.

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Tattoo fruit - the alternative to synthetic leather from tattoo-

… We wanted shapes that could offer you an alternative to skin sheets.

We wanted to differentiate ourselves even further and give you more, we looked for what you normally use, converting it into a technical and functional key, aimed at your use.

The lemon and the orange were actually born as a joke, but when we got them tattooed we had a lot of fun and then the joke became serious.

They were as complicated to tattoo as a real lemon or a real orange: awkward and difficult to hold, just like a difficult hand or body part of a difficult client! And you have to be prepared for the difficult customer.

The skin is extremely detailed, exactly like the peel of a lemon or an orange.

The interior is rigid, removable and allows the skin to move on its frame making the feeling more real during the tattoo.

Our Fruits of Tattoo they want to be extremely versatile, useful and fun for both the apprentice and the professional, that's why we offer them in different colors and their packaging is a transparent plastic ampoule that recalls the jars for preserving the skin in alcohol 😉

alternative to synthetic leather from tattoo fruit tattoo

Tattoo the Fruit!

One of the best ways to learn dexterity and familiarity with the tattoo machine and needle, they are small, awkward and difficult to hold still shapes, but we have gone further! To make them in all respects the alternative to synthetic leather from tattoo, they had to have the advantages of synthetic leather from tattoo and the merits of fruit.

Synthetic leather from Tattoo:

The synthetic leather from tattoo of FOOLISH has always stood out for its technical peculiarities that allow perfect absorption of the stencil, unique plays of colors and shadows thanks to its translucency and thanks to constant research, today, the textures and tactile experiences that our skin allows are even better than any other synthetic leather from tattoo… but it's when our synthetic leather meets a skeleton that creates a perfect mix between softness and hardness that does justice to your time dedicated to learning the art of tattooing! 😉

Synthetic Leather from Tattoo by FOOLISH + Creative Genius + Bone = FRUIT 4 TATTOO : )

It was difficult to create an artisanal molding method that could create a perfect sheath depicting the texture and every minimum detail of a Sicilian lemon and/or an orange but the satisfaction of combining bone and ultra-realistic skin is priceless 🙂

And so the skin measures exactly 8mm allowing you to play with the exposure of the needle, the typing speed and try any needle and/or tattoo technique always offering you an adequate thickness to understand what is happening as if you were working in human skin .

His bone allows you to move, pull, expand the skin exactly like a piece of human body but the softness and elasticity of the skin also helps you hold the object while you're tattooing it unlike real fruit.

If you tattoo fruit, the catch is that you cannot keep it and above all obtain excellent results and almost impossible considering the colors of the fruit, its consistency and the non-similarity with the human dermis, at least if you don't want to do the fruit-tattoo by profession.

While Fruit 4 Tattoo not only does it allow you to get some crazy results, but when you're done tattooing, replace the skins and start again with a new tattoo on the same bone, using its packaging as an ampoule to preserve your work for an infinite time!

Weight :0,8 kg
Dimensions:20x10x10 cm
The Kit Contains

1 Bone for Orange 1 Bone for Lemon 1 Lemon Skin 1 Orange Skin 1 Transparent plastic cruet

Production and shipping

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