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B side 3D

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Explore new frontiers in the tattoo world with B-Side 3D: revolutionize your tattoo experience with the perfect fusion of creativity and technical mastery.

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Explore new frontiers in tattoo art with B-Side 3D:

a handcrafted sculpture that transforms synthetic leather into a suggestive and sensual fresco of the female body. Revolutionize your tattoo experience with a unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship.

Let yourself be fascinated by miniature of a female half body, an exalted and harmonious detail that extends over a surface of 55×15 cm. The balanced volumes and impeccable proportions capture the very essence of human beauty, ready to become the canvas for your next masterpiece.

The skin of B-Side 3D it is taut and resistant, specially designed to stimulate your limitless creativity. His greater resistance to tearing allows you to challenge conventions, pushing your artistic boundaries. Take on bolder regimes and hold on an absolute precision, all while enjoying it unprecedented speed of execution.

Colors come to life on the body, vibrant thanks to the natural translucency of our innovative material. Let your creations shine with intensity, like living works of art on the skin of B-Side 3D.

The intrinsic beauty of B-Side 3D blends with its resin base, a solid anchor which gives you the flexibility to hang it gracefully on any wall or anchor it securely to our specialized mounts. This is how B-Side 3D becomes your artistic companion, ready to elevate your studio or creative space.

Each B-Side is a one-of-a-kind piece, individually crafted with attention to detail, even down to the discolorations of the leather, to ensure a creation that is yours alone.


B-Side 3D is the partner you've been waiting for to take your tattoos to a new level. Challenge the norm, embrace innovation and paint the future of tattooing with bold strokes on the three-dimensional canvas of B-Side 3D.


B-Side for Cagliari Tattoo Convention


Weight :3 kg
Dimensions:70x25x25 cm
Color B Side

White, Leather

Basic B-side

Marble, Stone, Black Sheet, No Base

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