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  • On sale!

    Wood + Skins


    Wood and leather for a canvas with infinite facets, ready to furnish an entire studio.

  • Skin Canvas XS


    I would wallpaper the studio with these paintings.

    Paolo M.

  • On sale!

    Synthetic Leather Canvas for Tattoo

    48,80  - 328,18 
    Your leather canvas you've always wanted. 
    • The skin is more realistic than ever
    • The thickness exceeds the centimeter of depth
    • The leather is incorporated in its rigid structure, not glued with toxic products.

    Together, we will create works of art that will revolutionize the world of tattoo!

  • On sale!

    B side 3D

    115,90  - 206,18 

    Explore new frontiers in the tattoo world with B-Side 3D: revolutionize your tattoo experience with the perfect fusion of creativity and technical mastery.

  • Kalos

    134,20  - 140,30 
    • Skin over 1 cm thick
    • Compact and not very elastic consistency
    • Structure in rigid resin with wall fixing.

    You will tattoo quickly, you will be ultra precise and the colors will remain bright and defined forever.


  • Proceedings


    We have tried to enclose all the expression of sensuality, elegance and uniqueness in a single product.

    For all delicate, "clean" and elegant tattoo styles that require an equally refined support.