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    T-3D Alex's Hand

    The original price was: €73,20.The current price is: €42,64.

    T-3D Alex's Hand is the legendary hand that has been accompanying us for the past 8 years, always the same shape, the same super realistic details but always new thanks to the evolution of our skin.

  • T-3D Hand+


    The difficulty of overcoming each other is great, but so is the satisfaction.
    The new 3d hand is improved in the points where it seemed impossible, in those areas where the bone creates volumes that change the thickness of the skin…

  • T-3D Feet


    Get familiar with difficult and uncomfortable areas of the human body

    T-3D Feet will help you find the comfortable position on an uncomfortable surface.

  • T-3D Half Arm


    T-3D Half Arm realistic half arm in non-toxic silicone

    It is the most used product to exhibit one's own projects Tattoo Art and in the schools of tattoo as a support to the students in the final projects at the end of the course.

    T-3D Half Arm helps you train your dexterity on awkward and difficult body shapes, such as the forearm and hand.

  • T-3D Woman Back 2.0

    97,59  - 109,74 

    T-3D Woman Back is the quintessential expression of Foolish realistic skin. It is perfect in every detail from the dilated pores to the irregularities of the volumes…

    It's a real piece of synthetic body.

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