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  • Bone 4 Lemon


    It's a wonderful little bone that allows the lemon skin to behave like a real skin on its own bone.

    Its coloring is strong, vibrant, it is a background for yours tattoo and when you have finished the tattoo, you remove the skin and cover it with a new skin and start again.

  • BONE 4 Hand +

    29,28  - 60,94 

    A real skeleton for a real fake hand.

    The Bone 4 Alex's Hand is pure craftsmanship and stubbornness. It took more than 8 months of experimentation to arrive at the perfect bone. And now, detach your fingers, insert them into the skin, tattoo forgetting that it's a fake hand and when you're done, remove the bone and insert the skin on the support to expose it.

  • Bone 4 Woman's Back 2.0


    Imposing and well balanced, it allows you to keep the skin in shape and emphasize the 3D volumes and the irregularities of the textures equal to a human back.