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    Wood + Skins

    The original price was: €24,34.The current price is: €18,30.

    Wood and leather for a canvas with infinite facets, ready to furnish an entire studio.

  • Skin Canvas XS


    I would wallpaper the studio with these paintings.

    Paolo M.

  • T-3D Half Arm


    T-3D Half Arm realistic half arm in non-toxic silicone

    It is the most used product to exhibit one's own projects Tattoo Art and in the schools of tattoo as a support to the students in the final projects at the end of the course.

    T-3D Half Arm helps you train your dexterity on awkward and difficult body shapes, such as the forearm and hand.

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    Skins Pack 4×4

    The original price was: €136,64.The current price is: €95,65.

    T-Sheet Skin Pack: 4 A4 sheets (cm 20×30) + 4 A5 sheets (cm 15×20)

    • Up to 6mm thick
    • One side is pure white with a texture reminiscent of painters' cotton canvas. The white side depicts a hard skin with little needle bounce allowing you to execute quickly, accurately and quickly.
    • The reverse side is skin-colored, the texture is realistic comparing with human texture, its texture is soft and supple, it gives medium/high resistance to the needle when it tries to enter the skin to get used to keeping the skin tight and correcting the angle of the machine.
  • On sale!

    B side 3D

    115,90  - 206,18 

    Explore new frontiers in the tattoo world with B-Side 3D: revolutionize your tattoo experience with the perfect fusion of creativity and technical mastery.