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  • Double Eyes 3D skin


    Skin Double Eyes 3D is a skin with a unique design that will allow you to use two pairs of specular eyes with volumes and proportions equal to the human face.

    Its specularity and volumes have been studied to offer you correct and realistic support during processing.

    Skin Double Eyes 3D will make up for all the time you wasted on those pre-printed shapes of hard yellow rubber.

  • 3D Skin Face


    Skin Face 3D is the most realistic face in detail and texture created to date.

    Together with its support it creates a mix of textures incomparable to any other pmu training product.

    The soft and silky skin moves on its rigid support creating the right comparison between the dermis and the bones of the face.

    The texture is hyper-realistic and will allow you to work optimally both with a dermograph and with the microblading technique.

  • Skin Pack


    The complete pack of skins for Full Pmu 3D Starter Kit

  • -PACK- 20pcs WoLips 3D


    The PACK offers 20 single 3D Wolips 50% off!