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  • On sale! The Foolish Butcher Tattoo & Pmu Practice Skins

    Sheet of Synthetic Skin for Tattoo T-Sheet Skin -DBL-

    9,91  - 158,54 
    • Two facades of the same sheet for two different uses
    • Until 7mm thick, the equivalent of two sheets in one
    • The stencil takes in very quick times and remove it without problems at the end of the tattoo


  • On sale!

    T-3D Alex's Hand


    T-3D Alex's Hand is the legendary hand that has been accompanying us for the past 8 years, always the same shape, the same super realistic details but always new thanks to the evolution of our skin.

  • 3D synthetic lips for pmu practice -WoWlips! Starter Kits -

    Discover WoWlips 3D Starter Kit, the 3D synthetic lips for pmu practice.

    WoWlips 3D synthetic lips are extraordinarily realistic, with natural-looking mucous membranes and a unique softness. They offer you exceptional workability, adapting perfectly to all pmu techniques.

    Forget the obstacles and inconveniences of the old models with printed shapes. With Wolips 3D lips, you will finally be able to concentrate on one lip at a time, without limitations or encumbrances.

  • -Kit- 3D synthetic face for pmu practice -Skin Face 3D Starter Kit-


    A new era has begun for your training!

    Finally you have a 3D synthetic face for pmu practice that is realistic in volumes, dimensions, shapes and with a special translucent complexion that will allow you everything that until now you thought impossible with synthetic skin.

  • T-3D Woman Back 2.0

    97,59  - 109,74 

    T-3D Woman Back is the quintessential expression of Foolish realistic skin. It is perfect in every detail from the dilated pores to the irregularities of the volumes…

    It's a real piece of synthetic body.

  • Proceedings


    We have tried to enclose all the expression of sensuality, elegance and uniqueness in a single product.

    For all delicate, "clean" and elegant tattoo styles that require an equally refined support.