Forms of Payment and their advantages

We've added new forms of payment to make the checkout process even easier for you and to give you more control over your purchases.


Satispay is certainly a very valid form of payment that allows us to offer you a cashback variable on the percentage of your purchases that increases with each new purchase you make on our site. It's an easy and safe way to pay online on our site. Satispay owns all your data and has great anti-fraud security.


Metamask is the new crypto wallet among the most used and safest, transactions on our site can be made in ETH (Ethereum), one of the most traded digital currencies. But we can offer you other coins and carbon free transactions if you are interested in using your own crypto write to us.



Paypal is very easy and fast and we all have a paypal account, but its transactions cost +3,5% of the total and we are obliged to debit your payment, so I recommend other forms of payment such as credit card or bank transfer.


Our credit card management system is entrusted to STRIPE, world leader in transactions and 100% secure, all your data is ultra-protected at the same levels as your bank. Your payment information is 256bit encrypted with SSL certificate. Paying by credit card will add a commission of 2% which does not depend on FOOLISH but the payment authorization system itself.


The bank transfer has no commission on the payment and we have become very fast in processing orders paid by bank transfer to allow you a safe and fast payment without the increase in cost. Just send a photo with the payment made and we will process your order.


Cash on delivery is increasingly expensive and risky (several couriers no longer accept it due to anti-covid measures) I suggest you start opting for a different payment. The management cost is 8-9 Euros depending on your order total and where the package is to be sent to and delivery times can be extended because we have to contact different couriers to find who offers us the COD.

For more information on payments, don't hesitate to write us in chat or come on contacts

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