best tattoo skin

A world of shapes and textures: where elasticity meets unique grains and colors to revolutionize tattooing on synthetic skin.

For an uncompromising tattoo session: our Skins offer textures, colors and thicknesses that emulate the human body, for a top tattoo experience.

tattoo practice skins
Leather Sheets for Tattoo: An Artisan Work of Art Created for Your Satisfaction

Veins, Micro-Textures and Unique Dyscolorations: The Commitment to Quality in Every Sheet


Wood + Skin: The skin tailored for every tattoo style.

Leather with Ad Hoc complexion and texture for every type of tattoo, 1 cm thick for unparalleled definition and speed of execution and wood that transforms everything into an art painting: Innovation at your fingertips.

best tattoo skin the foolish butcher
the skin tone
The Perfect Leather for Every Style Tattoo:

Lettering/Vibrant Colors/Realism … Whatever your style, we have the right leather

whyte skin
Lettering/Black and Gray

Uniform and compact white skin, your blacks will make x10

vibrant ink
Realism/Vibrant Ink

Translucent light skin, allows the best glazes and color overlays

realism tattoo

Veins, discolorations and depth of transparency wisely calibrated.

ALL tattoo techniques
Practice/All technique

The best compromise between realism and depth, the skin with infinite possibilities

Quick Stencils and Easy Cleanup: With Foolish, Quality is Guaranteed in Every Product

  • Quick Stencil Transfer: Our skin is designed to allow a stencil transfer within just 30 minutes, making your tattoo process more efficient.
  • Easy and Perfect Cleaning: Forget about stubborn ink stains. Our skin can be easily cleaned using common products such as petroleum jelly or Johnson oil.
  • Results of Tattoo Clear and Defined: Thanks to the unique composition of our skin, you can always expect clear, defined and true results.
  • Techniques of Tattoo at 360 °: Our skin is the only one that supports a wide range of tattoo techniques, from bold lines to the lightest glazing.
  • Foolish Quality Guarantee: When you purchase a Foolish product, you are assured of receiving the highest quality in every aspect, from ease of use to durability of the product.
canvas skin

The Perfect Painting for Your Art:

Fruit of Tattoo-The largest wall in the world, this leather canvas, in different formats, set between aluminum and wood details, makes every tattoo A work of art