FOOLISH Stencil Application on Synthetic Leather.

Applying the stencil on synthetic leather has always been a challenge.

One of the focal points of research for the development of our synthetic leather for tattoo it was precisely the transferability of the stencil. Today our skin allows you to transfer the stencil with ways and times comparable to human skin.

  1. The stencil dries in up to 30 minutes compared to the standard 24 hours of all competing synthetic leathers.
  2. You can remove it without difficulty

But let's get into specifics

Have you tried to apply the stencil on our synthetic leather and didn't get the desired result?

No problem, here are a couple of very important tips:

1. The type of transfer that you use daily for your designs it can speed up or slow down the transfer of the stencil on synthetic leather: if it's a stencil stuff type transfer, it will speed up the transfer, if it's a water-based transfer, it will slow down the transfer by a few minutes and leave a lighter stencil on synthetic leather.

2. Our synthetic leather must be thoroughly cleaned before applying the stencil.

Below I will explain all the steps you can take for a correct transfer of the stencil quickly and with excellent results in defining the stencil.

Premise: Our synthetic leather for tattoo it is unique in the world in many aspects, one of these is perspiration and the micro-pores which allow the stencil to be transferred and the excess color to evaporate once deposited under the skin.

Sweating is a great ally to the success of the tattoo because it allows the color to settle in the correct way, allows the needle to slide into the skin as if it were human skin and makes the synthetic dermis more realistic in its elasticity. But this can compromise the initial phase of the tattoo, i.e. the application of the stencil in the correct way and times.

Proper stencil preparation of synthetic leather from tattoo by FOOLISH.

First of all, we always recommend wash the skin with soap and water, especially if it has been closed in the packaging for a few days, once washed, perhaps with warm water and completely dried you can move on to the next step.

For leather sheets, we recommend extra attention: the sheets have two different facades in terms of color and texture, this also implies different perspiration. Choose the side you will be tattooing first and once you are done the tattoo, before starting the opposite side we advise you to wash it again.

The choice of transfer for the stencil and its correct use

As anticipated at the beginning of this page, we divide stencil transfers into two macro categories:

  1. WATER-BASED STENCIL (one for all artè)
  2. STENCIL STRONG ( one for all stencil stuff)

You need the two families of stencils to understand how to treat FOOLISH synthetic leather.

The water-based transfer allows you a transfer more delicate compared to a treatment with a stronger transfer, highly recommended for example if you wanted to try a tattoo realistic, it would help you to eliminate the stencil strokes even more easily when the job is finished and it could help you practice in traces of water.

But we have a simple and very effective solution to everything, whatever your transfer with talcum powder you will solve all the impression and durability problems of the stencil itself.

We wanted to create a product that could help stencil management by compensating all the expectations of each of you; there are those who prefer the stencil very marked, those who light, those who want to apply it the night before and those immediately before tattoo. But we did better, we modified our skin making it more porous and creating a feeling with simple powders such as talcum powder, rice powder, etc…

Talcum powder on synthetic leather for tattoo by FOOLISH

Talcum powder is a simple product, easy to find, not expensive, perfect to be used in continuity with your daily practice.

If you use it as described below, it will create an additional surface film that will allow you to shape the stencil as you like with any transfer you use and will help you remove the stencil completely and 100% at the end of the tattoo without complications.

Because our skin, among other peculiarities, compared to competing products also allows a deep transmission of the carrier agents of the stencil and of the inks (exactly like human skin).


  • Once the skin has been washed and dried, it should be sprinkled with talcum powder, apply talcum powder in quantity and remove the excess by shaking the skin.
  • Prepare a small amount of the product you usually use to transfer the stencil and massage it on the synthetic leather, you will feel that the talcum powder binds the transfer making it creamier, at which point you can place the design on the synthetic leather and press hard for a few seconds.
  • Lift the stencil from the skin starting at one corner so that he can check that the design has adhered correctly to the skin.
  • If the stencil is the intensity that suits you, you're done with the preparation. Let it dry for 10 to 20 minutes and then you can start tattooing.
TIP: if you want to further protect your drawing you can apply a thin layer of Vaseline over the whole drawing (dry) and while tattooing when you have to remove excess ink, use a paper rag soiled with Vaseline, this will allow you to further preserve the stencil because the petroleum jelly on the rag will not remove the petroleum jelly on the stencil. 

The stencil remained too light.

If you followed the previous steps and still got a stencil that was too light compared to your expectations, all you have to do is:

  1. Simply remove the clear stencil using your transfer
  2. Reapply a layer of transfer and let it dry

How to make stencil extremely intense on synthetic leather from tattoo by FOOLISH

This is a step that I advise you to follow only if you use a water-based transfer.

If you want a super strong stencil, you have two ways to take advantage of it.

If you managed to remove your stencil using only the gel or cream you use as a transfer, just continue to massage the cream or gel all over the skin and let it dry completely. Once dry, apply the transfer and transfer the stencil.

Applying a layer of gel to transfer the stencil and letting it dry creates a hyper-receptive film to the molecules of the stencil but the transfer depth of the design remains limited thanks to the talcum powder, allowing maximum definition of the stencil but not being transported deep into the skin removal will remain easy and perfect.

The summary of what has been said can be found here in this video.

Remember, we are always available for any clarification. You can do it directly from the site chat, via mail or for phone.

The transfers that we recommend to be used on our synthetic leather for tattoo

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