This is leather.

Craftsmanship made in Italy for the art of tattooing and permanent makeup, from practice to exhibition.


Bones & Skin

A journey through the most realistic tactile experiences ever tried on stands for the practice of tattoo and permanent make-up.

The new FOOLISH concept of implementing rigid, ergonomic supports to the ultra-realistic skin creates a perfect mix between the elasticity and softness of the skin with the rigidity of the bones. You move the skin as you tattoo it exactly like human skin.

Why Choose Foolish

The Foolish Butcher Tattoo & Pmu Practice Skins

100% handmade

We handcraft each of our products, having full control over the entire production process. We are capable of modifying every single detail of our products to meet your every need.

The Foolish Butcher Tattoo & Pmu Practice Skins

Bones & Skin

We are the only ones in the world to produce hyper-realistic skin with bone supports. The majority of our products are composed of a resin core that provides a natural support to the skin, making the product 3D three-dimensional and providing unique tactile sensations.

The Foolish Butcher Tattoo & Pmu Practice Skins

-400% Compared to the other

All our products in the "Bones+Skin" collection have an impact on the environment 400 times lower than an identical product without the "Bones" structure but made entirely of silicone.

The Foolish Butcher Tattoo & Pmu Practice Skins

The Highest Quality

We guarantee the highest quality and the best performance achievable with each of our products. Save time, truly learn, and at the end of the job, we ensure that you will be 100% satisfied

The Foolish Butcher Tattoo & Pmu Practice Skins

Let's create together!

FOOLISH is born to furnish every tattoo studio, academy, or PMU school with unique pieces, specially designed for you and with you.

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What they say about us

Since 2012 we have been producing Hyperrealistic Skin following your needs, from the application of the stencil quickly unlike any other synthetic skin up to the modification of the textures of each product. All by listening to your requests


Average customer rating

It is very pleasant to write to such fast and helpful customer support, 
thank you!! 
Catherine G.
Tattoo artist
When I saw the new lips I went crazy! Thank you, you made them even better!
PMU Master
Hello, I found peace of mind with this consistency/opacity and this texture, frankly I think it's the best product out there…
Tattoo artist